How To Hire Foreign Student in Bulgaria in 2019

Mina Boycheva 22/08/2019

This article will help you learn how to hire foreign student to work in your Bulgarian company in 2019

  • Foreign students admitted to training in the Republic of Bulgaria may be employed under a contract of employment without requiring a work permit from the Labor Offices. For them, a mandatory REGISTRATION REGIME is provided for in the Ordinance on the Terms and Procedure for Issuing, Refusal and Withdrawal of Work Permits for Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria. – within 3 days of entering the work, the employment contract must be registered at the “Labor Office” Restrictions on working hours and the duration of the employment contract are provided. It can be: – 20 hours a week during the school year and during the official holidays announced by the school concerned – the duration of the contract may not be longer than the period of validity of the residence permit The following documents are required to register the employment contract at the Labor Office Directorate: 1. 3 copies – Declaration for carrying out short-term employment without a work permit through the registration of students in the Republic of Bulgaria under Article 38 CTRM / Annex No. 6 to Art. 34, para 1, item 1 2. Copy of the Registration Certificate at the NRA / registration of the employee – PNL or SV number / 3. A Copy of a Passport 4. Certificate of Higher Education Certificate / that is enrolled as a student for the current year / 5. A copy of the Labor Agreement 6. Actual status of the labor contracts on ……. / last day of the month preceding the month of appointment of the employee / 7. Information about the Legal Register from the Commercial Register / download from the website of the Registry Agency – Commercial Register / All documents that are not originals must be certified with – True to the original, signature and stamp.

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