Poland Feels Bulgaria Is an Important Partner in the European Union

Mina Boycheva 01/12/2016

Bulgaria got a positive assessment by the Interior Minister of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak on a meeting he held with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Rumiana Bachvarova. The Bulgarian Prime Minister stated that Bulgaria has a very important role in guarding the most sensitive external border of the European Union, making all efforts possible to limit the illegal immigration. Bulgaria has a good organization that restricts the crossing of the illegal migrants. Thanks to that organization, the immigrants are restricted to cross Bulgaria as they are detained entrance on the country’s territory. This is a very strong message to the migrants stating that Bulgaria is not easy to cross.

Poland Feels Bulgaria Is an Important Partner in the European Union

Bulgaria gets support from the European states and officers coming from other countries. Currently are being detained around 200 people each week, which is less than the same period in 2015. The Deputy Prime Minister also stated that Bulgaria makes everything possible to guard its external border, which is also an external border of the European Union. The Polish guest showed the strong support of Poland for the accession of Bulgaria in the Schengen zone.

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