Annual financial report and balance of trade companies and tax declaration

Mina Boycheva 09/03/2010

Each operating company must make and submit an annual financial report on the results of its activities during the reporting year by 31st of March of the following year. After completion of the annual balance of the accounts, for the company is being drawn up an annual financial report for the activity, which provides summary information about the accounting to the moment under the company's accounting policies during the past fiscal year. The relevant accounting policy of each company include the bases for evaluation when preparing the annual financial statements and is an important part of the corporate accounting, determining the manner for the formation of the company's financial results.

The annual financial statements are based on the international accounting standards and are the final stage of the accounting through the entire year. At preparing the annual financial statement must be taken into account that, although independent from one another, the details of the report at the beginning of the current reporting period should coincide with the data from the end of the previous reporting period. This annual report is made towards 31 December of the year and should fairly present the financial and property status of the company, the changes in the cash flows and the capital.

According to the Law on Accounting, the proposed annual financial statement must meet several important conditions, namely: to be understandable and useful, to give an opportunity to be evaluated past, present and future events, to be clear of mistakes and the information from various years to be comparable. The items which compose the annual financial statements include a balance sheet and cash flow report, income and expenditure accounts report, report for the capital and several appendixes. When submitting the annual financial statements of trade companies should be prepared several documents, namely: a certificate of company accounts, balance, minutes of general meeting, the sole act of the owner and power of attorney certified by a notary, in case that the documents are submitted by accountant representing the company.

When the annual financial statement has been prepared, the company should prepare its annual tax declaration according to the Law on the Corporate Income Tax, while the individuals must submit an annual tax declaration for income tax on individuals. Namely, the aforementioned annual tax declaration shall be filed by all persons who are taxable and this shall be done according to the deadlines set by law. The information should be accurate and the deadlines must be met to avoid fines. After the annual balance of accounts are to be prepared the opening balances for the next year and to be made a comprehensive statement of the Company for the year under review. This annual balance of accounts is based on changes in the law for the reporting period.

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The annual tax declaration of the individuals include information concerning the income acquired during the year from employment, other business, rent or granting rights or property, income from the sale or exchange of property, as well as other sources such as benefits, awards and more. The annual tax declaration of individuals is made regardless of the amount of the declared income received during the previous fiscal year. The deadline for submission of the annual tax declaration of individuals is by the end of April each year. When individuals submit their tax declarations until early February, they enjoy a discount of five percent on the paid part of the tax. When the declaration is filed electronically the five percent discount applies until the end of April. The annual tax declarations of the individuals shall be filed in the Territorial Directorate of NRA in accordance with the permanent address of the person. When the individual is a foreign national, the annual tax declaration is submitted by the representative of Directorate of NRA where the proxy resides.

The annual financial statement shall be drawn by:
– Individuals in their role of accountants
– Specialized accounting houses and businesses

The annual financial report contains:
– Signature of the head of the business or an authorized individual
– Company stamp (if the report is for a company and not for an individual)

The annual financial report shall be published in economic journals and on the iInternet from:
– companies that are not re-registered by the end of May 2009 and are subject to independent financial audit
– civil associations
– legal persons who are not traders
– foreign entities doing business in the country

The penalties associated with the annual financial statements of companies and individuals include:
– the individuals who have not filed their annual financial statements in time shall be punished by a fine or penalty of up to 500 leva. When there is a repeat offense, the fine is up to 1000 leva.
– the individuals who have filed false information in their annual financial statements shall be punished by a fine or penalty of up to 1000 leva. When there is a repeat offense, the fine is up to 2000 leva.
– sole traders who do not submit their annual financial statement together with their annual tax declaration or do not make it on time, are to be fined to an amount of up to 500 leva. When there is a repeat offense, the fine is up to 1000 leva.
– sole traders, for whom the annual financial statements are subject to compulsory financial audit and does not submit a copy of the report under the law for independent financial audit or does not meet the deadline are fined to the amount of up to 2000 leva. When there is a repeat offense, the fine is up to 4000 leva.

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