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Company Formation Bulgaria – Registration Procedure (2023)

Mina Boycheva 10/01/2023

UPDATE 2023. We created this article in help of all investors who want to start their business in Bulgaria. It provides all essential details that need to be known about company formations and their registration in Bulgaria.

In general, every foreigner is allowed to start a business in Bulgaria. No matter if he/she has a Bulgarian residency permit or not. The establishment of a company formation in Bulgaria is easy and straightforward.

There are several types of company formations that can be registered in the country. Each of them has its individual specifics that are listed below.

New Company Formation Bulgaria 2023 FAQ

What is the process of forming a company in Bulgaria?

The process of forming a company in Bulgaria involves submitting documents to the Bulgarian Trade Register and registering for a Bulgarian trade license. This includes providing information about the company, such as the name and address, as well as the statutes of the company and the signature of the company’s representative.
The documents must be submitted in Bulgarian, and a fee must be paid to the Trade Register. After the documents are accepted, the company will receive a trade certificate and can begin business operations.

What types of companies can be formed in Bulgaria?

The most common types of companies that can be formed in Bulgaria are limited liability companies, joint stock companies and partnerships. Depending on the type of company, the requirements for registration and the information that must be supplied to the Trade Register will vary.

Are there any tax benefits to forming a company in Bulgaria?

Yes, there are certain tax benefits associated with forming a company in Bulgaria. For example, businesses with a registered office in Bulgaria can benefit from reduced corporate tax rates of 10% and other tax incentives. Additionally, certain types of companies may be eligible for tax relief on profits generated.

What Are Company formation costs in Bulgaria?

The cost of setting up a company in Bulgaria is relatively low compared to other countries in the European Union. The average cost of registering a company in Bulgaria is between €400 and €800, depending on the type of company you want to establish. This cost typically includes the registration fee, notary costs, lawyer fees, and any other costs associated with the process.

What is the divided tax rate in Bulgaria?

The divided tax rate in Bulgaria is a flat rate of 5%.

What is the VAT rate in Bulgaria?

The standard VAT rate in Bulgaria is 20%.

Why is Bulgaria good for business?

Bulgaria is an attractive location for businesses due to its low taxes, its low cost of labor, its access to the European Union, its strategic geographic location and its strong infrastructure. Low corporate taxes (10% flat) and low labor costs are two of the main reasons why Bulgaria is an attractive destination for many businesses. Additionally, its access to the European Union, its strategic geographic location and its strong infrastructure, make it a great location for businesses. Bulgaria has a well-educated and highly skilled workforce, making it a great place to invest in technology and innovation. Furthermore, its close proximity to other European countries makes it a great hub for companies looking to expand their operations in the region.

How to open company bank account in Bulgaria?

1. Choose a Bulgarian Bank: Research the different banks in Bulgaria to identify which one best suits your needs and offers the services you require.
2. Gather Necessary Documents: Gather all the documents you need to open a corporate bank account in Bulgaria. These typically include a company registration certificate, articles of association, a list of the company’s shareholders and directors, a valid passport or ID card of the company’s representatives, and a proof of address.
3. Visit the Bank: Visit the bank of your choice and submit the required documents in person.
4. Complete the Bank’s Forms: The bank will provide you with the necessary application forms, which must be filled out in full.
5. Wait for Approval: The bank will review your documents and decide if they will approve the application. Depending on the bank, this process can take up to a few weeks.
6. Activate Your Account: Once your application is approved, you will be asked to activate your account by making an initial deposit. This process can take up to a few days.
7. Start Banking: Once your account is activated, you will be able to start using it for banking transactions.

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Factors determine the rental price of an office

Mina Boycheva 03/03/2022

Factors determine the office rental price

Are you looking for office space for rent? Then you probably want to know what is the rental price of the office space that you need. Although the market for office rent in Sofia is large, when a person starts looking for an office, he often cannot find the desired office, or in case he finds it, it turns out that it is much more expensive than the budget he has set.

The cost of office rentals can vary considerably within the city and even within a certain area. Therefore, in order to help you better understand the lease prices of offices for rent, below we have prepared a list of the main factors that determine the rental levels for offices in Sofia.

The rental price for an office depends on several main factors:

– location of the office

– type of building in which it is located

– Features of the office itself

– The floor on which it is located (only in some office buildings)


Location of the rental office:

In recent years, several major business districts/clusters have developed in Sofia, which are a preferred location for most companies.

For Class A office buildings, the highest rental levels are for office buildings in downtown Sofia, Tsarigradsko Shosse blvd. and Lozenets in the area next to Paradise Mall. At the last location are some of the newest and most modern class A office buildings in Sofia, built in the last few years. At these locations, the office rental prices are 12 – 16 Euro / sq.m without VAT.

The middle price range includes the offices located in Mladost 4, Todor Alexandrov Blvd., Iztok, Lozenets, outside the Paradise Mall area, as well as the office buildings in the areas around Bulgaria Blvd. Here the rents vary between 8 – 12 Euro / sq.m without VAT, with of course exceptions for the newest class A office buildings, where rents are higher.

There are also class A office buildings, which are located in different and slightly more distant from the center areas, where you can rent an office for less than 8 Euro / sq.m. These are areas such as Druzhba, Sofia Airport, Geo Milev, Student City (Studentski Grad) and others.


The type of building is the other factor that determines the amount of rent

Offices in Class A office buildings are usually rented at the highest price levels specific to the area. However, this higher rental price allows for the use of many additional extras/amenities that the building offers. Such extras are the representative common areas in the building with a 24/7 reception, conference halls, designated places for recreation such as a park environment or large panoramic terraces, restaurants, in some cases a commercial area, fitness, underground and outdoor parking and more.

The rents in class B office buildings are lower, and those in mixed-use buildings or in residential buildings are the lowest and in some places can reach 5-6 Euro / sq.m.


Features of the office itself and the floor on which the office is located

The rental price of some of the rental offices also depends on their specific characteristics. These can be the layout of the office, the presence / absence of a kitchenette, bathroom in the office, bevels, etc. The features of an office affect the rental price mostly for offices located in mixed-use buildings or in residential buildings.

The floor on which the office is located can also affect the office rental price in some cases, including large class A office buildings. In some of them, the rents for the offices located on the higher floors are 1-3 Euro / sq.m higher than those for the offices on the lower floors. Ground floor offices are also generally offered at lower prices.


If you still have doubts about the best choice for you, according to your budget, you can contact us for a free consultation at: 00359 885 908 811; 00359 888 137 222 or e-mail: [email protected]

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6 things to consider when looking to rent an office

Mina Boycheva 03/03/2022

6 things to consider when looking to rent an office

Choosing an ideal office for your business is not an easy task, because there are a lot of factors which you have to take into consideration.

Because of that, a good understanding of the market can significantly cut the time you spend searching for an office.

То help you find an office we made a list with basic factors you have to take into consideration when looking for an office space to rent.


 1) Budget 

Determining your budget is the first thing we advise you to do when searching to rent an office so that you don’t lose time and energy in worthless viewings. The office market in Sofia is large and varies in price so your budget is the defining point between which offices might be suitable for you and which are not.

The rental price is determine by factoring the following points:

–             The office location

–             The type of the building where the office is

–             The features of the office

–             The floor on which the office is ( only for part of the office buildings)

More about the factors that determine the rental price of the offices, you can read here Factors determine the rental price of an office


2) Location

Location is key when choosing an office space. The office should be easily accessible for both your employees and your customers (if they visit you often).

If your office is difficult to find or in an area with few transportation links, this can negatively affect finding new employees or retaining old ones, as well as your relationship with customers.

Very important for the location of the office is the existence of nearby dining areas, cafeterias, bank branches, parking spaces, public transport stops, etc.

If your company’s employees, as well as your customers, travel mainly by car, then it is better to choose an office with a location that is outside the most popular ones, but will provide you with easy accessibility and parking.

One of the most preferred areas in Sofia are those in the immediate vicinity of the metro, which provides fast movement, regardless of overground traffic. The proximity to the metro is extremely convenient, but it also brings with it higher rental levels for the offices around it.


3) Office size

The size of the office is the next thing you need to consider when looking for an office for rent. If your business is growing and you expect the number of your employees to increase, it is good to consider whether to take a slightly larger office that will meet your needs in 6-12 months or choose a larger office building that will be able to to provide you with a larger office for rent when needed. You can read more about how to determine the office space you need and what to consider at How much office space for rent do I need?


4) Amenities 

Some of the offices nowadays come with a wide range of additional amenities. Before you start your search, we recommend that you decide what amenities your employees need to have access to. Those can be places for rest, meeting and conference halls, restaurants, fitness, bicycle parking, outdoor green space, etc.

Keep in mind that the more additional extras that are offered in an office building, the higher the rental price of the offices in it will be.


5) Term of rental agreements for offices

There is a significant difference in the conditions for renting an office in the different types of buildings. Below we will describe the main differences to help you decide more easily what type of office building would be most suitable for your business depending on your plans and resources.

In class A office buildings, the term of the contracts varies between 3-5 years, and in most cases this period is unbreakable. If you are not ready to commit to such a long-term lease, we recommend that you look for an office in one of the other types of buildings (class B, mixed-use buildings or residential buildings), where the term of contracts varies between 1-3 years and many contracts are often with more flexible terms and conditions.


6) Additional costs and fees for renting an office

The Service charge (maintenance fee) as well as the security deposit are an integral part of the rental agreement for each office and are important to consider when determining your budget.

Service charge

In addition to the rent, in office buildings you have to pay a service charge, which is calculated based on the rental area. Usually for class A office buildings it varies between 2 Euro / sq.m – 3.5 Euro / sq.m without VAT, and for class B buildings it is between 0.8 Euro / sq.m – 2 Euro / sq.m without VAT. This fee is different for each building and is paid monthly, together with the rent for the office.

There is also a maintenance fee due for common parts in mixed-use buildings and residential buildings, but it is usually minimal and does not depend on the size of the office.

Deposit for the office rental agreement

In every rental agreement there is a security deposit that has to be paid by the tenant, which serves as a guarantee for the good maintenance of the office premise and the timely payment of the amounts due under the contract.

For Class A office buildings, this security deposit is usually equal to of the sum of 2 or 3 monthly rents plus the subsequent service charge fees. For Class B office and mixed-use buildings, the deposit is the sum for 1-2 months


At Sofia Offices we know how important it is to choose the right office space. Our team is available to help you find the perfect place for your business without wasting time in unnecessary surveys and market research. Are you ready to start your search? Contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or call us at 00359 888 137 222; 00359 885 908 811.

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How much office space for rent do I need?

Mina Boycheva 15/12/2021

How much office space for rent do I need? – Few useful tips

Taking an office space for rent is a very important decision, which is bounding by a contract for years to come, so choosing the right office size is very important. In addition, the right office size will provide you with a calm and pleasant work environment with enough space for you and your employees. Choosing the right size of the office depends on several key things:

1. Type of the office building

First of all, it is good to decide what kind of building you want your office to be situated at. In other words, whether you are looking for an office for rent in class A office building, class B, mixed-use building or office in a residential building.

In almost all cases, the offices for rent are offered with their gross area, which includes the net area of the office and added area for common parts of the building, corresponding to a percentage of the common parts. The rent is calculated on the gross area of the office.

An exception to this are the old administrative buildings, as well as the old residential buildings built before 1998, which offer offices for rent with their net built-up area.

What is the difference in % of common parts for different types of buildings?

Class A office buildings are the largest business buildings in Sofia with large and representative common areas. The rental area of the offices in these buildings includes a larger % of common areas, which is between 14 – 24% depending on the building.

For smaller, class B office buildings this percentage is between 10-12%, and for residential buildings – about 10%

What does “leasable area” mean and include?

The leasable area is the area on the base of which the rent for an office is paid. It includes the net area of the office (the built-up area of the office, together with the walls), as well as the area of common areas, in accordance with the above-mentioned percentages.

2. Additional premises in your office

The additional rooms that you will need are also important when choosing the right size for your office.

Additional, auxiliary rooms are the second thing you need to think about before determining the size of the office. It should provide enough space to work comfortably and without worries about lack of space or excessive waste of space in it.

In addition to the workrooms where your employees will work, you need to consider what additional rooms you will need – such as a meeting room(s), kitchen, lounge, storage room, server room, terrace, etc. The area of these additional premises should also be taken into account when determining the size of the office you are looking to rent.

Keep the following standards in mind when choosing an office space:

    The standards assume an average of 7-10 square meters minimum space required per person in an office.

In open-space premises, you can put in more workstations than on the same area in an office divided into separate rooms.

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Office Renting in Sofia – (Locations/Prices/Options)

Mina Boycheva 05/11/2019

If you’re seeking to set up a business in Bulgaria, you will certainly need to consider renting out an office. Local, as well as international realty firms operating the domestic market, are best placed to help you negotiate your way around the choices. Yet, we can certainly offer you a fast summary of your alternatives.

Modern office complex

Rental fees for Class A workplace in Sofia stand at 10-12 euro/m2 at the end of 2018. Although at first glance it appears like there are a lot of high office buildings around Sofia, it turns out there is actually sort of a lack of excellent office spaces that fulfills the requirements of international companies. Bulgaria’s popularity as an outsourcing destination has pushed up the leas and has led to reduced availability. Outsourcing businesses require class A workplace with all the modern-day services for their teams. Additional services related to safety, cleansing, hidden wiring, web and phone accessibility, cooling, cars and truck garage, restaurants and coffee shops, recreational locations, among others, are also needed. That’s why large workplace complexes like the Business Park Sofia still draw in many companies since they offer every one of these additional services, plus outside areas, a selection of dining as well as coffee shop choices, shops, and even dry cleaning. Business Park Sofia remains, in fact, a mini-city.

According to Forton, a real estate consultant, there is presently 1.7 million m2 of Class A and B office space in Sofia.

Most of this is located along the main web traffic highways such as Tsarigradsko Shosse, Bulgaria Boulevard, Todor Alexandrov Blvd, Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd as well as in the residential areas and also the area near Sofia Airport. Significant new projects currently being developed in the prime office segment in Sofia city centre include City Tower (34,600 sq m leasable office space) at Macedonia Square as well as Millenium Centre – 3 high structures near NDK.

Serviced office

Serviced workplace can be a remedy both for long term as well as short-term requirement. Serviced workplace gives fully furnished and also equipped workplaces, IT infrastructure, safety and security and secretarial as well as admin support. This can be a terrific benefit to companies not wanting to make capital expenditure on fitting out a workplace, authorizing long-term rental agreements. Serviced office suppliers offer a great deal of flexibility, consisting of the possibility to alter workplace dimension, per hour rental of conference room, online offices. This is specifically attractive for start-ups and also worldwide companies.

Workplaces in apartment

Many companies still choose workplaces in apartment buildings in the centre of Sofia in spite of negative aspects such as traffic jam, vehicle parking as well as the old facilities of a number of the structures. Most apartment or condos for rental as workplaces are on the ground or on the first floor. The convenience of being situated in the city centre is what leads most companies to select such offices, especially if their organization negotiations happen around. Furthermore, there are some very attractive older buildings around Rakovsky St., Physician’s Garden area, which can add prestige to the firm’s picture. Leas differ hugely from around 4 euro/m2 to equal those of the Course A workplace centres at 12 euro/m2.


Coworking is becoming crucial in Sofia, and there are numerous coworking spaces. Such spaces are Soho, Betahaus,Cosmos Coworking Camp,Trevor Workspaces – Lozenets and more, which offers offices, coworking area, a coffee shop with a yard. Also hosts a variety of exciting events.

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Company Registration Procedure in Bulgaria (Step by Step)

Mina Boycheva 31/10/2019

How to extent your company in Bulgaria?
How to scale your service in Bulgaria?
How to register a firm in Bulgaria?
Take FREE consultation and offer for company formation in Bulgaria.

In this article, we will undergo the process of registering a company in Bulgaria. With time a growing number of individuals choose to start their own venture right here. This is primarily due to the mix of low company taxes as well as the open door to the European market.
We will try to answer some the most common concerns pertaining to business incorporation in the country, like who can sign up a firm, how much does it cost, what time does it take, etc.

Who can register a firm in Bulgaria?

Actually, any person who has reached the age of 18 regardless of citizenship. There are basically no official demands or conditions for international people that intend to sign up a firm. It doesn’t also matter if you are a European citizen or not.

What sort of firm should I register?

The type of company you need is most likely an OOD. This refers to the well-known and also favored around the world restricted liability business– LLC or Ltd. For a lot bigger companies it might be appropriate to register a joint-stock company but these cases are actually unusual.

How much does it cost?

Company registration in Bulgaria is relatively cheap compared to the majority of European countries. The state tax is approximately 55 EUR, yet it is lowered in half if the records are filed online. In order to do this however, one should have an electronic signature with an electronic certificate. Generally future firm owners license a lawyer or an additional expert that owns an electronic signature to file the company papers on their part in the Trade register.
Apart from this, you must add to the total costs a little notary cost and also an additional tiny fee for opening a checking account (integrated at no more than 15 EUR).

What must the future proprietor of the business do for the registration?

Although the procedure is definitely not complicated, there are a variety of documents that have to be presented to the Bulgarian trade register upon registration. They include the company by-laws, some official statements signed by the supervisor and evidence for paid state fee as well as deposited capital.
A few of the stated documents can be prepared by a legal practitioner while for others you have to go to a notary and a bank institution. At the bank, you open a firm account and also deposit the starting funding. Don’t stress too much over this. The minimum firm resources is 1 EUR although we extremely recommend signing up the business with a much bigger first financial investment. The factor for this is that the new firm resources need to be enough to cover at least the initial expenditures that your business may have, like office rental fee, acquisition of supplies and other.

Do I have to literally remain in Bulgaria for the registration process?

Staying in Bulgaria for the enrollment is useful, yet it is not completely mandatory. Instead of going to a notary you can visit a Bulgarian embassy or consulate abroad as well as you can license a third party to transfer the firm resources on your behalf. You can sign all the required files from another location.

How long does the process take?

Not too long, really. You can conclude the whole procedure from beginning to end in three service days. If you utilize the solutions of a professional, the things that you have to do shouldn’t take more than a number of hours in Bulgaria.
What to keep in mind?
First, you must recognize that in Bulgaria you can just register a firm under a name written in Cyrillic. You are complimentary to add a name in Latin, however it should be identical to the Cyrillic one. This name must likewise be available, implying that there is no other business with the exact same name already registered.
Also note that the files for the business enrollment (or registration) must be written in Bulgarian. You can additionally make use of multilingual documents; still, the translation in Bulgarian is a must.
The best recommendation is that you employ an expert for the company registration. The process may not be that complicated but it is a strictly formal one. This suggests that any kind of blunder will certainly result in rejection by the Trade register and you will certainly need to invest more cash and time in the process.

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How To Hire Foreign Student in Bulgaria in 2019

Mina Boycheva 22/08/2019

This article will help you learn how to hire foreign student to work in your Bulgarian company in 2019

  • Foreign students admitted to training in the Republic of Bulgaria may be employed under a contract of employment without requiring a work permit from the Labor Offices. For them, a mandatory REGISTRATION REGIME is provided for in the Ordinance on the Terms and Procedure for Issuing, Refusal and Withdrawal of Work Permits for Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria. – within 3 days of entering the work, the employment contract must be registered at the “Labor Office” Restrictions on working hours and the duration of the employment contract are provided. It can be: – 20 hours a week during the school year and during the official holidays announced by the school concerned – the duration of the contract may not be longer than the period of validity of the residence permit The following documents are required to register the employment contract at the Labor Office Directorate: 1. 3 copies – Declaration for carrying out short-term employment without a work permit through the registration of students in the Republic of Bulgaria under Article 38 CTRM / Annex No. 6 to Art. 34, para 1, item 1 2. Copy of the Registration Certificate at the NRA / registration of the employee – PNL or SV number / 3. A Copy of a Passport 4. Certificate of Higher Education Certificate / that is enrolled as a student for the current year / 5. A copy of the Labor Agreement 6. Actual status of the labor contracts on ……. / last day of the month preceding the month of appointment of the employee / 7. Information about the Legal Register from the Commercial Register / download from the website of the Registry Agency – Commercial Register / All documents that are not originals must be certified with – True to the original, signature and stamp.
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The outsourcing business in Bulgaria has good perspectives ( Updates 2019)

Mina Boycheva 26/03/2019

The newly established Bulgarian Outsourcing Association made prognosis for a stable increase in the number of companies that plan to outsource their business to Bulgaria. These companies be registered in Sofia and could come from many spheres of activity. The new association predicted that the increase in the number of companies will be around three times in the next five years. The outsourcing business is considered among the most dynamic industries in the country and currently it employs around 15 000 people in the capital. Their number is expected to triple according to the five year prognosis. The stable political situation, the low taxes and the acceptable wages in the country, the professional skills of the employees, as well as its being part of the European Union, make Bulgaria an attractive destination for the large and stable companies in Western Europe and the United States. These companies will look for business centers with offices of the highest class, which have central and convenient locations and perfect infrastructure, besides offering an impressive range of services and facilities. It is believed that these big companies will later open other offices throughout the country in cities like Varna and Bourgas, Plovdiv and Rousse.

The outsourcing business is considered among the most dynamic industries in the country and currently it employs around 15 000 people in the capital. Their number is expected to triple according to the five year prognosis.

Among the founders of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association are companies like Coca-Cola Hellenic IT Services, AII Data Processing, Sofica Group, Atos Bulgaria and Bulpros. They believe that if the state and the companies join their forces, this will lead to a stable development of that industry sphere. If the proper activities are arranged and successful policies are followed, then Bulgaria can become one of the top ten destinations for outsourcing. Special attention has to be paid to the professionals who apply for work in these outsourcing companies. Usually, these are people with a lot of knowledge and skills, but they still need training in certain spheres. It is not a secret at all that some of the largest outsourcing companies that are working in Bulgaria are in direct connection with the universities where they look for ambitious students. They try to attract the talented ones and offer them a job before they head to a carrier abroad. There is potential in the rest of the big cities in the country besides Sofia, where there are no such projects and opportunities, but there are still good professionals. The outsourcing industry is in demand for different types of employees – from recent graduates to managers and strictly qualified professionals.

In general, Bulgaria has excellent reputation among the companies in the outsourcing business and it will continue to attract them. The reasons for that are not only the membership of the country in the European Union, but also the tax alleviations and the desire for less bureaucracy.

In general, Bulgaria has excellent reputation among the companies in the outsourcing business and it will continue to attract them. The reasons for that are not only the membership of the country in the European Union, but also the tax alleviations and the desire for less bureaucracy. Of course, we should also mention the welcoming atmosphere, the excellent infrastructure and the construction of business centers with prestige location that correspond to the needs and the requirements that are important to the foreign investors.

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How Difficult Is Opening Bank Account in Bulgaria

Mina Boycheva 27/08/2018

Back in 2016 opening of bank account in Bulgaria and starting any business was one of the easiest operation in whole EU. Today in 2018, In order to open an account in any bank and register company in Bulgaria, you should be aware of the new restrictions for any foreign individual or company.
The biggest banks in Bulgaria like UniCredit Bulbank bank, Raiffeisen Bank, First Investment bank , ProCredit bank are getting even more conservative and almost do not allows new foreign client accounts.

However if your business is very strict forward, transparent and you can proof that. You may not have any problems to open your new bank account and benefit from the Bulgarian lowest EU tax treatment. Great news is that Virtual Office is still very acceptable and the banks does not complaint with that.

2018 Bank Account Opening Procedure in Bulgaria

Ones you visit any branch of bank operated on the territory of Bulgaria be ready for the following list of questions:

  • What is the main activity of the company
  • Who is the beneficial owner of the company
  • Is there any local who can be contacted if necessary

Ones you pass this first interview you must be very strict with all you have declare. Invoicing, clients, payments from and to the account. Your account will be monitored in the first 1 year and if there differences from what you have declared first, you account can be in the risk to be closed immediately.

Normally different banks are entitled to proceed according to their terms on local or foreign clients or regarding the type of the accounts which they can open and hold. In general the most popular type of bank account remains the current bank account that serves for all kind of transactions such as depositing, storing, withdrawing and transferring money.

Other types of bank account that can be open are either an individual account or a business account (for different types of legal entity, joint stock company in the process of being set up, etc.) that can be a capital account. There are no legal restrictions on the number of the bank accounts you can open and hold in one or several banks but a certain bank may have its own policy or certain limitation.

Documents required to be presented for individuals are identity card (for a Bulgarian citizen or a EU member citizen) or another identity document such as passport (for a foreigner or a non-EU citizen) or another type of residence permit of the foreigner. This document must be presented both in original and copy.

Also some of the banks may require the foreigner to submit IBAN of an existing bank account in the foreigner’s country in order to confirm he has bank customer’s history as well as a recommendation letter, translated in Bulgarian language, from a Bulgarian who is a client of the same bank.

Bulgarian banks opens and maintains accounts and carries operations in local currency (Bulgarian levs) but also in all major foreign currencies such as Euro, US dollars, Swiss francs or British pounds both for local and foreign customers. Respectfully, money can be received into the account through cash payments or cashless transfers.

Once you are prepared to open an individual bank account, you have to sign a contract (obligatory in written and completing forms of the bank) with a request of opening and maintain a bank account under general terms governing the relationships between you and the bank including fees (monthly, yearly, etc.), commissions, termination and other terms of use of the account. Afterwards you will receive the unique personalized number of the newly opened account, IBAN, which is also an international number.

In case of opening a business account, you need also to present a Specimen of the signatures of your company. All the specimen signatures must be handwritten in front of a responsible bank employee or certified by a notary. You will also have to provide to the account an amount equal to the capital stated n the contract and in the articles of association of the company. Depending on the type of the entity the bank may require more additional documents such as a court decision to set up the company, a bank certificate, etc.

For the opened individual account the bank provides to the account holder a card containing the account number, the name of the holder, the personal identification number for the Bulgarian citizens and date of birth or personal number of the foreigner (in case he had already issued) and term of validity of the card. Most of the banks provides their customers with the online banking opportunity too by which you can execute various operations with your bank account in real time through your Internet profile on the bank website.

Banks are entitled to require opening fees or minimum amount for initial powering of a current account.

If you need someone else to operate of the funds of your current account, you must authorize the person to have the rights to dispose of this account by an authorized power of attorney.
Sources used:

1) Ordinance No. 3 of 18 April 2018 on the Terms and Procedure for Opening of Payment Accounts, for Execution of Payment Transactions and for Use of Payment Instruments
2) Payment Services Directive of EU of 1 January 2018 (PSD2)

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5 Must Ask Before Choose Coworking Space or Serviced Office in Sofia

Mina Boycheva 20/08/2018

In case you work as a feelancer but you want to explore Sofia , a remote worker or still planning the stages of your future start up or even if you have a big business already, choosing a coworking space option happens to be the most convinient idea for saving your capital and developing new contacts and creative opportunities.

And how to choose a co-working space in Sofia? This can be quite a challenge too, so don’t hurry before you answer some relevant questions regarding what would be the best for you or your colleagues among fitting personal requirements, budget, type and more.

1 Type of Coworking Space

What type of co-working space do you need? Coworking spaces vary accordingly to the needs of their customers. For example, If you are working in a small team than you may find appropriate leasing a whole prived serviced office. This type of office should be fully fitted with various kind of services to satisfy everyones needs in your team. If you work alone, then standard coworking space offer is for you.

2 What Rental Cost and Services Included

Sofia is budget destination, comparing with most EU cities. Rental cost and what it will cover are always important to be asked. The serviced offices require some deposit and no prepayment most often. Coworking office must have profitable membership schemes of using a coworking space only when you need, month-to-month leases, shared or flexible payment fees options that you can take advantage of or arrange it. A ready office space or coworking office should be providing an office infrastructure, enough utilities and functionality of the space. You should concider to have everything you need to maximize your productivity including access to all-in-one such as fast WIFI, prefered type of seating and desks, reception, meeting rooms, conference room, printing devices, breakout spaces, kitchen, coffee suply, etc.

3 Sofia Offices Location

Choosing a location goes as a must ask too. You should concider the transport network in Sofia and the costs of travelling to the place. It must also be close enough for your clients or other employees to visit. The central or downtown locations are usually the most wanted and adding up a sense of prestige too and value to your business.

4 Coworking Community in Sofia

By choosing your coworking space or private office in Sofia you will also choose community, future human capital as well as networking opportunities. Being surrounded by other likeminded professionals is a great benefit in attracting new talents, networking or even hiring a potential team, receiving a feedback when you need, socializing in a culture that you fit in well, following an industry development from the very heart of it and discovering brand new ideas in these hubs of innovations that unite creative people.

5 Working Environment

Growing your busineess or being productive once you accomodate yourself in a coworking space depends a lot also on the working environment. You should always visit a coworking space before you lease and be convinced that the environment will allow you to focus and think, to follow conversations with clients and meet deadlines of your projects as well as give you an opportunity to set clear goals for yourself or for your working community.

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