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SofiaOffices is a company providing innovative business solutions and business management, modern working options and an impressive set of services in one of EU's low tax zones, which cover the requirements of any virtual office – including telephone and fax services, management of the incoming and the outgoing calls, address of correspondence, mailing address for the registration of a company, etc. Along with the virtual offices, SofiaOffices provide executive offices as well. These are short-term offices for rent based in the capital or the so called served offices or 1-day offices, as well as long-term permanent offices for rent in the most prestige and desirable districts of Sofia, Bulgaria.

SofiaOffices aims to support the foreign investors, who are making business in Bulgaria. The services available through this website include a large selection of important accountancy services required by every operating company. The help of SofiaOffices includes preparation and presentation of accountancy reports according to the Bulgarian Legislation and standards, preparation and presentation of annual accountancy reports, income tax and profit tax declarations, etc. The rest of the services available include adequate financial consultancy and accounting protection.

The legal department of SofiaOffices has the capacity to provide comprehensive legal aid and consultancy in connection with company registration, renovation of the company registration, transformations of companies, organization of joint ventures and merging of existing companies, as well as dividing of companies. SofiaOffices legal department can further assist in the sale and/or purchase of real estate property and to provide qualified juridical services in connection with the implementation of your duties towards the tax and municipality administration, etc.

SofiaOffices further provides professional translation and legalization services that are sometimes required by certain authorities and which include specific terminology in various language versions. The translation services provided are not only written translation of documents, but also consecutive and simultaneous translations during various meetings and business events.
With the support and services provided by SofiaOffices, business people can focus on their business tasks without being disturbed or distracted. The legal support, the financial consulting and the professional accountancy of your company are left to SofiaOffices, while you enjoy stability and perfect business image.

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Sofia Office Market in 2016 is driven by the large rental deals. The average size of the rented offices exceeds 2000 sq.m compared to the office premises size of 1200 sq.m. in 2015. The negotiations of such large office rental deals in Sofia, however takes more time and efforts. The companies that are looking for such spacious office premises are operating in the IT and the outsourcing sphere. The main problem that they face is the insufficient number of suitable office premises.

Sofia Office Market Driven By Large Rental Deals in 2016

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The Schengen passport free zone started in June 1985 when representatives of five European union countries gathered on a boat to sign a treaty that abolished the passport controls in their country. This Schengen agreement became a European Union law in 1997 and thus turned into a defining feature of the European Union itself. Today the Schengen Agreement covers 26 countries that are members’ states and one non-EU member – Switzerland. Bulgaria, even if a member state of the European Union, along with Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland and Britain remain outside of the Schengen zone and agreement. The treaty as it is now concerns 400 million people o...

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The holistic method of the investors and the companies, along with the desire of the young professionals to form strong connections and a great work team are now implemented in the search for office premises. The outsourcing and IT companies, as well as the companies working in the pharmaceutical sphere, which are among the main type of companies renting Sofia offices are using special software and applications that help them use their offices in a wise way and thus make most of the employees’ time while at work.

My Sofia Office, My Home

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