The PM of Bulgaria With a Letter for Renewed Schengen Talks

Mina Boycheva 28/11/2016

According to the reports, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria have sent a letter to the European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, where he brought up the issues of Bulgaria’s entry in the borderless Schengen area and the Eurozone. Sofia will be monitored under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, that is applied by Brussels.

The PM of Bulgaria With a Letter for Renewed Schengen Talks

The Prime Minister stated that the country will continue to work on the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and the acceptance of Bulgaria in the Schengen zone. The country is also in ongoing talks for joining the Eurozone. According to the Prime Minister, once the three processes are completed successfully, the Bulgarian citizens will be happy to enjoy the benefits of the membership in the European Union and later also share the responsibilities.

The Prime Minister insisted that Bulgaria has fulfilled the Schengen criteria in 2011 and was blocked by the Netherlands and Finland. The official letter was intended as an act of gratitude for the decision of the Commission to launch the European Border and Coast Guard program.

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